FeCrCo Magnet

Fe-Cr-Co magnets,a new type has come into the world in the 1970's.These magnets' properties are comparable to those of cast Al-Ni-Co magnets,and with a good ductility in the as-quenched state.These magnets are specially suitable for making the small and thin elements tihe accurated dimensions and complicated shapes. Application:Fe-Cr-Co magnets may be used in telephone,techometer,micro-motor,nautical instrument,loudspeaker,micro-rely-swith,etc.

FeCrCo magnet

Ductile FeCrCo Alloy of Permanet Magnet

Designation Shape Size(mm) State Application
Machinable permanent magnetic alloy
Bar Φ8,12,14~Φ60 forging,hot-rolling Space,aviation,automobile instrument,compass,oil exploration,hydraulic locate gauge,computer-embroider machine,singal produce system,guard against theft,relay counter,hearing aid,magnetic medical treament.
Wire Φ7~Φ0.1 foft,hard
Tube Φ30×(10~1)
Strip (4.0~0.05)×100 Soft,hard

Properties of FeCrCo magnets

Designation\Properties Magnetic Properties
Br(Gs) Hc(Oe) (BH)m(MGOe)
2J84 ≥12000 ≥650 4.0~5.0
2J85 3000-14500 50~550 0.8~6.0
Designation\Properties Curie temperature Reversible Temperature Coefficient Max Working Temperature Mechanical Properties
Tc ℃ -%T℃ Tmax℃ 6bkg/mm2 Ψ% Ρg/cm3
2J84 658 0.0129 400 55-75 40-70 7.8
2J85 671 0.0129

We research and manufacture FeCrCo machinable permanent magnetic alloy that won a gold medal in the 13th international invention exhibiton,Geneva.We have leading manufacturing technology in the world.FeCrCo machinable permanent.It has the similar properties with AlNiCo5.It can be made into semi-hard magnetic alloy.The alloy can be produced into different shapes and sizes such as wire,tube,bar,strip,etc.

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