Tips for using your car magnet

Before placing the car magnet

place magnetic car sign on flat surface

Magnetic Car Signs work best on flat surfaces. Do not place any part of the sign on any curved surfaces as this will cause your sign to fly off the car especially when you're on the highway.

Make sure the car-body and the back of the magnetic car sign is clean! Clean any impurities from both surfaces with a wet rug and then dry them.

Placing the car magnet

roll magnetic sheet carefully

Suit one side of the magnetic sheet then continue with rolling the adhesive foil.

Take care that edge of the rolling direction adheres on its full length to the car-body.

Other useful information

unfold magnetic car sign in cold days

Under +5 C do not fold your car magnetic sign because its material could become stiff and would break.

stretch magnetic sheet without using it for long time

If for a longer or shorter period you do not use the car magnet, keep it stretched at room temperature, in order to protect it. Do not put anything on top of it!

Additionally, make your car-baby wash and dry regularly (as much as once a week), to prevent dust from getting under the magnet. The dust will act like sandpaper and scuff the paint job and expose your car to rusting

use soft sponge to clean car magnet without chemicals

Both sides of the car magnet can be cleaned with a soft sponge or rug and water with detergents. Cleaning with any chemicals is forbidden!

In case of sliding the car magnets motes gathered under it can hurt the waxing of the car and also the back of the car magnets. Therefore this type of move is not advised!

It has to be taken into consideration that the magnetic car signs on vehicles that have been painted or waxed recently,the adhesive strength of the car magnet may be decreased on re-polished or waxed body surfaces. Wait 90 days for paint to cure; 60 days for clear coat to cure and 2 days after waxing your car.

using car magnetic sign safely

If you keep the above mentioned advices, you will be able to use your advertising car magnet safely up to the speed of 160 km/h.

If you have any questions or suggestions on using magnetic car signs, do not hesitate to contact us.